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Mobility Blue (Single License) SharePoint Masterpage and Theme
Mobility Blue (Single License) SharePoint Masterpage and Theme   
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Price   $49.95
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Single License (1 SharePoint Installation)
Click here for Enterprise Licensing (Unlimited SharePoint Installations)

SharePoint 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010

Are you looking for a new SharePoint theme that not only looks great on PC browsers but also looks nice on mobile devices? There's no need for a separate mobile site, entering content twice, and sacrificing design appeal. Mobility SharePoint (master page and theme) looks great on any screen! You can also use Mobility as a stand alone PC theme if you prefer.

It works by detecting the user's screen (whether it's a PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, or Android device) and formats itself accordingly. BlackBerry versions 4 and 5 display websites much like a PC so Mobility formats itself to correct layout issues that would be otherwise problematic in a DNN skin. BlackBerry 6 devices display the skin much like an iPhone or Android.

Mobility offers 2 layout options for iPhone, Android & BlackBerry 6. The FIT SCREEN option adjusts itself to iPhone's screen width as seen in this demo. This eliminates the viewer's need to zoom in-and-out or side-to-side. The STANDARD SCREEN option displays Mobility on the iPhone as a standard website. This would require the user to zoom in-and-out much like BlackBerry 4 and 5.

Mobility is completely designed in XHTML & CSS. The skin pack also includes a PSD so you can customize the look.

With Mobility, you can make your site any width by changing a single variable. You can also set the skin to full width, expanding to fit the size of the screen.

Mobility does not use SharePoint's built in mobile redirection features. It provides an alternative that displays the same content as a PC would. You can also use Mobility without tapping into's it's mobile features and continue to use SharePoint's built in mobile software if you prefer.

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